• No children under 16 allowed on Cromwell lake, Supervised Under 16’s are allowed on Cromwell pool.

• Anglers must ensure that leads will release on the bite or in the case of a crack off. No fixed lead rigs!

• Minimum  (0.35mm) mainline to be used.

• Barbless hooks only. Size 4 maximum.

• No braided mainline or shock leaders (Braided hook lengths allowed).

• Random rig checks please do not be offended if you are asked!

• Rods must not be left unattended at ANYTIME.

• Maximum 3 rod limit

• Boilie, pellet, corn, hemp only!

• Maggots can be used from 1st November through till 14th of March. To be used sensibly or not at all! 

No OMC magic twigs.

Safe zone style leaders, lead free leaders and rig tubing fine. Maximum 1 metre in length.

• Fish care in paramount. You MUST be in possession of a carp care kit! Propolis is preferred.

• Fish to be retained in sling/landing net no longer than 15 minutes prior to weighing and photographing.

• Keep all damaged or sick fish and report immediately to manager or bailiff.

• No dead/live baiting or spinning.

• Baitboats to be used sensibly in your water.

• All fish over 40lb and any size catfish must be reported to the bailiff what ever the time!

• Please drive slowly on our lane and through the gates out of respect and safety for other users – 5mph limit.

• Swims are to be left tidy and free of litter. Either leave it in the bins provided or take it home. Cigarette buts to be put in pots.

• The lake will be shut in the event of spawning. This will be monitored by the bailiffs. Length of closure may vary depending on spawning and fish safety.

• No dogs.

• All bbq’s must be off the ground, no fires.

• Only one non-fishing guest per angler, this must be booked prior to your arrival.

• No tents allowed.

• No swimming.

• No bivvy sharing except for couples and in special circumstance.

• No ungentlemanly conduct.

• The owners accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or theft whilst on the premises.

• No refunds.

• When queueing outside the gates on the morning of arrival please do not use the toilet facilities on the caravan park. This is not part of our complex!