Rosie’s Retreat – Booking


How To Book Online

  • Select the number of days you would like to book by clicking on your first day & night which will be a Monday or Friday on the calendar (3 days (Weekend), 4 days (Midweek) or 7 days (Full week) should be highlighted). Longer stays can be booked but a minimum stay of 3 days (Weekend) is our policy for Rosie’s Retreat.
  • Please ensure you have read our full terms and conditions.
  • Click ‘Add To Basket’ below the calendar, this will then direct you to our shopping basket where you can complete payment and confirm your booking.
  • Please note before committing to your booking, please have a detailed read through our rules to ensure you meet our requirements, if you fail to meet these standards you will be refused your session and you will loose your deposit.


Booking FAQ’s

No children under 16 allowed on site.

All bookings start at 1pm, arrival time from 12.15pm onwards, you are welcome to arrive up to 7pm although you will forfeit a number of hours.

You must vacate the lodge by 10am on your day of departure.

We provide all mats, nets, slings and water bucket, you’re not allowed to bring your own due to keeping our fishery and others disease free.


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